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About Nova

Nova is my identity on the internet. If you want to know more about the person behind Nova, look under "About Me" instead :)

Name: Nova BlueOne Kitten
Species: Short-muzzled myster (member of the Leovulp family)
Age: Kitten
Gender: Female
Colour: Blueish grey
Eye colour: Yellow
Special abilities: Venomous bite, bat-like radar, flying
Attacks by: biting and scratching
Defends herself with: Quills on neck and back

Eh, let me think up something good ^^;
Well, basically I'm a young myster, although I'm actually part Kamiah (subspecies to the myster: white and winged). I've never met my dad, maybe I will one day. I'm an only child (I think so anyway) and I'm currently living alone in a forest. I eat small animals and fruits, nuts, roots and stuff like that. Um... Yeah, that's it :)

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