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About me

Here are the facts about the person behind Nova BlueOne Kitten...

Name: Jessica
Nicknames: Nova, Sirius, Jessie, Shiba
Age: 17 (born 24th of september 1985)
Gender: Female
Eye colour: Blue
Hair colour: Blonde
Siblings: 4 brothers, 1 sister. And guess what? I'm oldest :P
Pets: 2 dogs, 5 rabbits, 1 cat, 2 budgies, bunch of fish
Interests: Drawing, agility, dogs, astronomy, fantasy, reading, writing
Country: Born in, and have lived all of my life in, Sweden
Countries I've visited: Denmark, England, Germany
Countries I want to visit: I've always wanted to visit Australia...
Friends: A few (but loved) in real life, many on the net!
Videogames: I loooooove playing videogames! I play Dreamcast, Playstation, GameCube, GameBoy Advance and a few PC games. Any my fave character of all, without competition, is Sonic the hedgehog! Go Sonic!!!
Boyfriend: None! Not really interested in love, either, I have enough problems anyway ;)
If I was an animal, I'd like to be: An owl maybe! I've always wished that I could fly, I'd like to be smart (you know, the typical clever owl, and I like mystical stuff (the typical mysterious owl) I'm also something of a lone wolf, just like the owl.
Pokémon or digimon?: I'll have to say Pokémon...
Languages I speak: Swedish, of course. I think I'm pretty good at writing in english, considering that it's not my 1st language, but speaking it is another matter! *lol* I'm also learning german at school.
Religion: I'm an atheist (I don't believe in God) but if I HAVE to choose, christian would be the closest... But nah, I don't believe that Jesus is God's son and all that (though I believe that he has existed, but that's a different thing) I also believe in letting everyone choose their religion and believe in what they want *hint hint*
Yaoi fan? Ha ha, yes I am! And proud of it XD I believe that love has no gender!
Docking/cropping dogs? NO. That is cruel to dogs and serve no good purpose whatsoever (there is one exception: hunting dogs sometimes hurt their tail while hunting) but other than that, I am totally against cutting off parts of dogs tails and ears! Would you be able to cut off a newborn pup's tail with a pair of scissors?! I wouldn't! I am happy that neither of my dogs have docked tails :)

Favourites (current number of listed favourites: 30)

Food: Spaghetti!
Song: "The Last Unicorn", sung by America, which is the theme for the movie The Last Unicorn. Currently I'm also very fond of "Here I am" by Bryan Adams.
Pokémon: Houndoom, methinks! Although I like Arbok a lot too!
Digimon: Bakemon XD I like Unimon too!
Flower: No idea! I don't care much for flowers...
Breed of dog: Frisian pointing dog, a rare breed from Dutchland. They look like a cross between a setter and a spaniel. I also like shelties, and of course, my own dogs' breeds: english cocker and cavalier king charles, undocked of course!
Breed of cat: Ragdoll! And norweigan forest cats... And the turkish van...
Breed of rabbit: Holland Lop Ears :) Got 4 of them! Nova, Polaris, Merak and Nina!
TV-show: Futurama!
Movie: The Last Unicorn and Spirit - stallion of the cimarron
Website: Um...Mine?
TV-channel: Discovery Channel, although we don't have it right now... *sob*
Deandr: I like them all...  Maybe Mysters, since I draw them alot.. And viperwolves, of course!
Sonic-related character: Sonic, of course :) And Snivley! Isn't he just too cute?! Shadow is real cool too, of course.
Chao-type: Dark running/running - Shadow chao XD XD XD
Subject in school: Art! No doubt there! I also like webdesign, swedish and english :)
Wild animal: Should be obvious - hyenas!
Computer game: Petz, obviously! Besides that... Right now, it's Age of Mythology.
Colour: Green or yellow, maybe... As you can hear in my net name, I also like blue :)
Smell: A forest after some refreshing rain... Aahh....
Book: His Dark Materials written by Phillip Pullman. Best books I've ever read. I love the idea of animal daimons!
Monkey: I don't know what you call them in english O_o You know, the really tiny monkeys with thick fur? Silk monkeys?!
Bird: Magpies! I mean, look at them, they really are beautiful birds! And smart too!
Fish: Maybe... guppies XD They are funny fish! Very curious! And tri-color sharks, cause they're booootiful!
Stuff to drink: Um... Festis, I think. "I am a festis!" *lol*
Object to draw: Canines, and fantasy :)
Clothes to wear: T-shirt and some pants (not jeans!) That's what I wear pretty much all the time...
Dogz breed: Great danez and dalmatians :) My 1st pet ever was a scottie, though!
Catz breed: B+W shorthairs - no doubt! I've bred them for quite a while!
Playscene in Petz:  Mwah. Playpen.
Pencil: 0.5 mm tip pencil XD Most of the time, anyway... 

Other useless facts about me:

  • I seem to lack the ability to draw in the middle of a paper ;)

  • I can only draw decent looking animals if they point with their nose to the left. Check out my artwork, and you'll see that pretty much all of my creatures are turning their head to the left!

  • I name my rabbits after something that has to do with astronomy! The exception is Nina - she was given to me as an adult and was already named. What about the other ones then? Nova - an exploding star, Leo - the star sign Leo, Polaris - Stella Polaris is the north star. I especially like that name! :) And last, Merak - a star on the northern hemisphere!

  • I collect Sonic the hedgehog and dragon posters (not combined, though ;) I have 4 with Sonic and 3 with dragons. I don't have them up at the walls at the moment though, due to lack of space.

  • I also collect postcards with dogs on them. I've done so for several years, and have 300+ different ones! Yay!

  • Finally, I collect hyenas :D I've got 4 little plastic hyena toys!

  • I don't hold pens like most people do... I've gotten a lot of comments about that. Sometimes I tell people that's why I can draw, although I doubt how you hold your pen has much to do with your artistic abilities... usually it shuts those annoying persons up though... Why can't I hold my pen like I want?!?

  • Because I hold my pen differently from how you are supposed to, I've gotten a little "bump" on my finger. It looks a bit weird, but it's worth it being able to draw :) Besides, it doesn't hurt or anything, even though it might not be all that pretty...

  • I have a dried dandylion hanging on my wall. It was so long I decided to keep it... I also have a dried rose on my wall that I got from my teachers from 6th grade. Update: I accidently broke the dandylion in two :(

  • I have some problems with my left foot, the heel is too short and sometimes my right foot hurts (since it has to carry more of my weight than it's supposed to) and my hip hurts sometimes for the same reasons. Nothing too serious, but I was born with it and I will have it througout my whole life.

  • I'm a bit of a loner, I have a few friends, I don't mind sitting alone in school, drawing or reading.

  • I can be quite shy around people I don't really know, and I hate making phonecalls >_< In fact, I don't care much about phones at all, including cell phones! I have one, but I don't know what model it is or anything. All I know is that it's a Nokia ^^;