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Selective breedz

Here you can download selective breedz and color variations. Unless otherwise stated, these petz are for Petz 3/4 or Petz 5, which has been state.... Then again, those are the only games where petz can breed :>
All downloadable files, unless otherwise stated, are in zip. format.


Muddy brown Black And White Shorthair
Catz 3/4
These are purebred B+W shorthairs, but instead of black and white, they are muddy brown and white! Bred here at Supernova, and have lots of show catz in their line. Nighttime Runner and Echoing Noise are their names, and they have a sweet kitten named Heidi. Because they are 5th generation of muddy brown B+W, they breed true (as Heidi proves) which means that they will produce muddy brown kittens (unless there's a mutation, which creates "new" colours in the petz breedz, such as muddy brown instead of black)

Click here to download the three muddy brown catz 

Desert Rabbits
Catz 5 ONLY!
Desert rabbits are speedy, agile catz well adapted to the harsh desert climate, with short fur and large ears. Their coat match the sand perfectly.
The desert rabbies originate from desert lynxes and egyptain maus. They got their names from their rabbit-like appearances, with large ears and short tails.
I bred this catz because well... Face it, they look hilarious XD

Head: Egyptain Mau
Muzzle: Egyptain Mau
Eyes: Light brown
Eyelids: White
Ears: Egyptain mau ears, with black lynx tufts
Body: Egyptain mau
Legs/Paws: Lynx (heavily angled, rather thin) with thick, large frontpaws and smaller hind paws.
Tail: Desert lynx tail, black
Coat: Desert lynx texture as base, brown strongly preferred.
Personality: Egyptain mau.
Pose: Normal
Heritage: Must be related to Mio.
Special: Has the sleeping syndrome (from the lynx)
Breeds used: Egyptain mau and desert lynx.

There are four couples to download. They are in love with each other, and have produced puppies before :) 
Just click on their name to download the couple that you want!


Spotted Silver Setter
Dogz 5
My biggest breeding project so far :) This is the spotted silver setter! The setter might look more like a dali, but the truth is that this classy dog has the attitude of the poodle! It will pose like a poodle prance around like a poodle and stick its nose in the air like a poodle! This is one stuck-up breed!
They breed true, which means that if two setters have pups, they will look like their parents, you won't get any mixed breed surprised, like different ears or such... It's just like breeding two 1st gen original breed dogz!

Head: Dalmatian
Muzzle: Dalmatian
Eyes: Aqua, grey, light blue, pink. Lighter colours are preferred.
Eyelids: Black, grey accepted
Ears: Poodle ears. One must be black and one must be grey, which one is which doesn't matter.
Body: Dalmatian, although a little thinner.
Legs/Paws: Dalmatian, although a little thinner.
Tail: Dalmatian, although a little thinner.
Coat: Grey with black spots (normal number of spots). May come in different colour variations, but grey is preferred. It's named spotter silver setter after all! Spotless is not allowed! As many spots as possible :)
Personality: Poodle. No other bark/attitude is allowed.
Pose: Poodle (laying down)
Heritage: Must be related to Finalia
Special: A larger patch on the back (extra large spot) which has been inherited from one of the "base dogz", SGCh NB's Arctic Wind on dogz with many spots (those with few spots lack this spot). Also bends its tail in a special way when walking around with the nose in the air.
Breeds used: Dalmatian, poodle and mutt (although mutt is no longer traceable in the family tree, and dalmatian just barely).

There are four couples to download. They are in love with each other, and have produced puppies before :) 
Just click on their name to download the couple that you want!